Thursday, February 2, 2012

Leo - One Month

It so doesn't seem like Leo has been here for a month already! This might be because he still sleeps a lot during the day and while I don't actually forget he's there, the attention tends to go to his louder, older brother rather than to the sweet sleeping baby. Although he still sleeps for much of the day, we do have short periods of awake time each day. He looks around and takes everything in - especially lights, shadows and ceiling fans. Also, the other day he smiled at me for the first time! Intentional first smiles are one of those super special baby things that I love and his were so fun to witness - all coy and lovey.

The life of the second child is vastly different than the firstborn. Leo has been carted around to playgrounds, numerous trips to the library and to various recreation classes. Sometimes I wear him in the sling or Moby wrap and sometimes he hangs out in his stroller. He prefers to be worn. If in the car seat carrier, we must keep moving or he can begin to get a little fussy. As busy as he is though, Leo also gets the benefit of having a more experienced set of parents. We are much more confident in our baby handling and care. Plus, Leo gets Milo! The other day when we dipped Leo in Milo's tub and called it a bath (see second born and not getting elaborate baths in the kitchen sink), Leo was crying and without our asking, Milo reached over and held his hand.

When I think of Leo, the word sweet comes to mind. He is just a sweet a little bundle of baby. I steal moments of cuddle time with him first thing in the morning and before bed. Sometimes I let Milo watch one more episode of Thomas than is probably wise so that I can spend more cuddle time on the couch with Leo. In these cuddly moments, I get a deep sense of Leo's sweet personality and wise ways. Maybe that's why it seems like he has been here for longer than a month, in some ways I think I have known him all my life.

A few random things about Leo:
  • He has the sweetest little lips. They are often pursed in a little kissy pout that is hard to resist.
  • At this point, he wakes about 2 or 3 times per night to eat. He is still sleeping in a pack and play in our room.
  • At his two-week check up he had gained 13 ounces for the previous week. The doctor took this to mean breastfeeding is going well. Actually, though I think he has some latch issues which we are working to correct.
  • He has outgrown some of his newborn clothes and is mostly wearing 3 month outfits.
  • His right is the side he prefers to look to, but he can be coerced to look the other direction.