Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back to the Mat

It seems I write this post every couple of months. How I get really into practicing yoga, realize how wonderful it is for me and how good I feel when I have an active practice, and then life gets in the way and I lose sight of this, only to find my way back again when daily events find me seeking balance. I should know by now that yoga is essential to my well being, but somehow I often forget that. After I was cleared for exercise back in May, I spent some of Milo's nap times doing modified sun salutations in the living room. Then I went back to work and making time for yoga was the furthest thing from my mind. Now I'm home with the little guy again and have decided I need a practice that is more structured than I can do on my own.

Yoga, for me, is a great physical escape. I really value the way my body feels stretched and strong after a good session. More than the physical, though, is the spiritual and introspective for me. My time on the mat is the primary time I set aside for thinking, for feeling and for putting emotions into perspective. When yoga is missing from my life, I don't have just tight muscles, I have blurred thinking.

So today, I ventured out to a class. It wasn't the best class I have ever attended, but prior to class, the instructor handed out a piece of paper with the following words on it:
It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work.
It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.
As I read those words I realized why I was at class. That was exactly the message I needed to hear today and the nudge I needed to make sure yoga gets back to a priority in my life.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

6 Months

People change more quickly and more dramatically in the first year of life than they do in all the days, weeks, months and years that may follow. After witnessing the first six months of Milo's life, I am in constant amazement of the little person he is and the developments he is making.

Milo is now a rolling around fool. Conversely to his early months where more than three minutes of tummy time was torture, he now voluntarily flips from his back to his tummy. Although his first flip was from tummy to back, he hasn't quite mastered the tummy to back direction. He seems to enjoy sleeping on his tummy, or he does until he wakes up and wants to be on his back.
Speaking of sleeping, we've hit a couple of bumps in the road this month. Although he usually goes down for the night (around 7:30, okay, more like 8) just fine, he has been waking up at least twice through the night and wanting to be fed. I'm not sure if he is actually hungry or if he just wants to nurse to get back to sleep. It's something we're working on.

I wouldn't be surprised if he is actually hungry, because he still is mainly just eating breast milk and he needs to support a 20 pound body. When we tried to give him formula he gagged, spit out and cried for 30 minutes as though his life was ending. Luckily, he has taken to the solids a little bit better. We've done rice cereal, peas and sweet potatoes. Since he is a child of mine, it is no surprise that the potatoes are the favorite so far. Milo really enjoys holding the spoon and helping to feed himself (or chewing on the rubbery tip before banging it on his tray).

Milo loves toys now. He especially likes his friend Freddy the Firefly and also Mr. Whoozit because both have many different different sections to grab on to and some even make noise, much to Milo's amusement. Teething toys are also favorite, and if they aren't actually meant to be teethers, Milo will make the toy into one. He also really likes his Jumperoo.

At 3 months I thought that was the best baby stage, but now I really adore this 6 month stage. It's full of more fun giggles, huge grins, lots of movement and fleeting glimpses into the child he is becoming. But, I also love that when he tired or eating he is still a so much like the sweet little baby boy we brought home from the hospital 6 months ago without having a clue what to do with him. We've all come a long way since then.
* Our photo shoot didn't go so well this month. Milo was way more interested in eating the sign or waving it around. He also was trying to sit up on his own away from the couch which resulted in Chris and I hovering close by to scoop him up before he toppled over. We'll hope for better next month.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another New Chapter

It may come as no surprise to you if you read closely between the lines of these two posts that I have put my notice in at work. My last day will be September 18. While staying home with Milo is clearly where my heart is right now, resigning from my job was still a really difficult decision for me. Chris was supportive in whatever I decided to do, so once we figured out that we could financially manage me not working, it was up to me to decide what to do. There are parts of my job I am truly going to miss. I felt lucky to land at the company I did so early in my career. Every day was different and I experienced some things that I never would have otherwise. In the past four and a half years I worked there, I learned a lot and grew as a person. As time went on I even started to define myself through my work. Saying goodbye to all that along with some great co-workers was a tough call, but I am certain it is the right thing for me and my family right now.

I am really looking forward to spending my days with my smiley little guy. Come the first of the year, I'll start looking for a part time job. Over the past few months I've realized that working outside of the home and away from my child for 40 hours a week isn't best for me, for Milo or for Chris. Staying home will create a lot less stress in all of our lives and I can't wait to begin this new chapter.