Monday, October 22, 2012

Leo - 9 Months

My little bubby has now been out in the world roughly as long as he was inside me.  Which is crazy because I am sure he was just born like two weeks ago and I was pregnant for months and months.  Some theories of evolution I've been reading suggest that a human baby is still more like a fetus than other animal species.  Human babies are totally incapable of doing much until about the 9 month mark and are totally dependent on others until that age.

Now that Leo is at that special 9 month mark, I see how this can be true.   Leo can now scooch around and get the things he wants (like car keys, remote controls, or the battery powered Percy the train).  He can pick up foods to eat them.  Favorite foods are pears, graham crackers and anything Milo hands him (crusts of bread, small pieces of chicken and most cooked vegetables).   Leo is around 21 pounds and 29 inches.  A solid little bundle of opinions and love.

Leo gives the best hugs and has the most amazing baby giggles.  I so love hearing this little man laugh. Luckily for me he is a ticklish little monster and giggles come easily.  He is at the smiley baby stage where everything enchants him - people, flowers, leaves falling from the trees.  Everything around him is cause for a huge grin.  I get taken in by it each time he flashes his smile with his five little teeth.  Even in the middle of the night when he is waking me up to eat again, he smiles and wraps his chubby arms around my neck and all is forgiven (mostly).

Each night when Chris gets home from work, Leo whines and whimpers until Chris picks him up and gives him a hug.  He loves the people around him so much.  Whether it's crying right along with Milo because Milo's hurt, hugging Daddy or sucking on Mommy's hair, Leo is right there as an important part of our little family.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

(Pre)School Days

Milo started preschool about a month ago and we are settling into this new rhythm of life.  He goes twice per week for 2.5 hours each time. It's just long enough for him to get his feet wet with this whole school thing.  His classroom is a wonderful environment of stations, toys and textures to explore.  It is totally play based and there is no set curriculum.  Actually, I have no clue what he does there.  The most he usually tells me is that he played outside and saw some people.  A couple of times I have seen him be the line leader for when his class comes back from the playground - he is so proud of himself for doing that task.

On the first day of school, he cried and fell to the floor as Chris and I left him with his teacher.  He had been repeating bye bye as we were getting ready to leave and then his face crumpled and he lost it.  Our little guy was being so brave.  He quickly recovered after we left and has had no problems since that time.  I am so proud of him for assimilating to school and enjoying the process of meeting new friends, listening to his teachers and enjoying the time away from me.  I can tell he is learning, doing better socially and taking in the whole experience.

In the next month or so he'll go on his first field trip and we'll meet the teachers for conferences.  It's so official!