Thursday, June 6, 2013

Catching up - Leo is now 17 months!

Since I've last updated, things have been very busy for our little Leo:

  • He got his first haircut.  He wasn't totally sure about this and cried most of the way through it.  It took me a few days to recognize him without this baby wispy hair.
  • He took his first steps one Friday night.  Then he spent several weeks mostly crawling, but doing some walking too.  Now he is mostly walking.  He's been very proud of this accomplishment.  We are too!  Milo is still amazed each time Leo walks a long distance. 
  • Leo still loves animals and bugs now too.  Whenever we see a dog he excitedly yells DOG and really hopes to pet it.  He also loves being outside for any reason, but especially to play in the sand box, dirt or grass.  Leo spends a lot of time entertaining himself with sticks and pebbles and other little treasures he finds along the way. 
  • I went away for a few days and used that opportunity to cut out our last nursing session.  Leo wasn't quite ready for that and has refused to sleep in his crib since that time.  So he takes naps and sleeps full time in our bed.  
  • We've found out that Leo is no longer going to be the youngest kiddo, but instead will be an older  brother to a baby due in November!