Monday, February 28, 2011

Wanted: Spring

As we're fighting off what feels like the one billionth cold of the winter and I'm listening to the pitiful sounds of Milo coughing his way through nap time, I am hoping that Spring is really coming and coming soon.

Yesterday, it was warmish (still cloudy and wet) and we headed out back for some much needed fresh air. We took two walks around the neighborhood enjoying the feel of muscles stretching further than the typical walk from car to front door. In the midst of the walking and breathing, we took some time to survey our yard. Storms this winter brought large branches crashing down and there are sticks and dead leaves everywhere. We will have a lot of cleanup to do before we start our garden.

Just as I was sinking back into a winter funk, I discovered a lively little clump of cheerful white flowers. And then I found another and another.

Sometimes I need to be reminded there are positives out there to be found if you just keep looking.

Friday, February 18, 2011

23 Months

This month has seen a(nother) language explosion with Milo now talking in little sentences. It's fun to watch him pick up new words and new constructions. In spite some boundary testing, I so love this age and this sweet little boy. He tries (and succeeds) to be funny, he is caring and kind to others and animals, he is a cuddle bug and a constant stream of motion. Seriously with the motion, it doesn't seem to stop unless he is fast asleep.

Milo had his first haircut a couple of days ago and along with his baby locks seemed to go any vestiges of the baby he was (well except the diapers and binky). I didn't think it would bother me having his haircut, but it took me a few hours to get reacquainted with him. He did a great job at the salon, watching his beloved Elmo and sucking a lolli, the hair cutting experience didn't phase him at all.

We've had a few warm days here recently and I can almost see the relief in Milo's face to be outside again. He has wasted in no time in sorting pebbles, playing in the dirt and watering plants. I do think he is wired to be a nature-loving little person.

With yoga becoming a bigger part of my life, it is starting to rub off on Milo. He has long been practicing downward facing dog along with cat and cow poses. The other day though we were watching a goodnight show on Sprout and they started to do stretching activities and he ran to the closet to get a yoga mat and join right in. I couldn't be prouder
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Monday, February 14, 2011

From the Heart

Each year Valentine's day seems to be about celebrating something different first it was unsure, awkward high school love, then it was crazy college love, after that I moved on to messed up love in my twenties and now I am finally settling into the delicious and secure love of a family. To be clear, I've always liked the "holiday" and find it harmless. In college some of my friends would wear black and shoot daggers at anyone wishing them a happy day. Even when I didn't have someone special to celebrate with, I would proudly wear red and enjoy the day. I believe today is about celebrating love in all of its forms. Love for significant others, love for family and love for friends.

In that spirit we are having a great Valentine's day. Milo had some friends over this morning for playing, snacking and crafting. The toddlers did a wonderful job of sharing toys and having fun together.

Later tonight, my parents will come over for some one-on-one time with Milo while Chris and I go out. Love is in the air!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Goal Beginning to be Realized

Continuing on with the meditation and yoga course I took over the last few months, I've started a teaching training class to be RYT-200 certified (aka a real yoga teacher). It's something I've been contemplating and working toward and then moving away from for years. I even taught for several months, thought about pursuing again before getting pregnant with Milo and am just now catching my breath. It's been a work in progress and will continue to be a process because I won't graduate from my class until November. I'm actually thankful for these delays because it reminds me yoga is something I always come back to. It's something of a signpost in my life. Plus yoga itself is a process and it is no shock to me that coming to the discipline has been a journey in itself.

The curriculum is rich in yoga philosophy, asana and tradition. I have monthly weekend trainings in addition to home practice and attending other classes. There is assigned and homework to be completed. I'm excited about the material and the opportunity. And I look forward to seeing where this rung of my yoga journey will lead.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Eating In

For the month of January, we challenged ourselves to eat each meal at a home. In other words, no eating out. This was in an effort to curb some spending, plan better and eat more healthfully. We weren't eating out a lot, but we were relying on it a little too much. If we had late afternoon plans, we would just stop at Chipotle or Graffiti Burger for dinner. Sundays we would often combine brunch with grocery shopping.

To successfully eat every meal in a home takes some planning. We would plan out dinners for the week and then always have breakfast and lunch staples on hand. By the end of the month, I was a little burned out on menu planning. It is a task that I don't enjoy while I am doing it, but I appreciate having the plan as the days go by.

While we did improve on planning, the jury is still out on the money spending. Our grocery bills went up, but I think we still came out ahead over a couple of meals out. Certainly, meal for meal eating in is less expensive (for example one night we had filet, salad and baked potatoes at home for about $20, the same meal out would have been $50ish).

It was a great experiment and while I'll loosen up the reins from here on out, it did teach me that we don't need to eat out quite as often as were as long as I have a plan and stick with it.