Monday, February 25, 2013

A Year Back, A Year Ahead and a Reminder of Now

A blog I often read for mom advice and other information, too, today asked what is different about your life from this time last year and what do you hope to be different at this time next year.  I hope it's not a copout to say I can't even remember this time last year.  Leo was not quite two months old and Milo was beginning to give up his afternoon nap.  If I had to guess I was a very tired Mama.  And where tiredness starts, cranky often is right there along for the ride. 

This year I am still tired, but not so soul-crushingly so.  Plus it was sunny today so while I had moments of cranky, they didn't stick around along.  The boys and I made a house for bugs out of bark we found outside.  We were able to breathe some fresh air and use our imaginations. 

Next year at this time I hope to do more of that and more remembering of it all.  This life often seems like a blur of days and dinners and getting out the door and sweeping the floor.  I'm trying to stay more present.  To remember to stay in the moment and not get caught up in the details.  

It seems like a buzzword and so very of this time and yet the idea of appreciating the small things of life, of accepting and embracing each moment as it happens is so very timeless.  So I will briefly look back and briefly look forward, but I also want to stay grounded in the here and the now. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's February

This is the time of year when winter in Ohio is no longer fun and the drudgery sets in.  Playing in the snow has lost its luster.  The beauty of snowflakes becomes hard to find after seeing so many of them.  Most of all though, I miss the sun and spending time outside.  Of course on somewhat warm days when the sun is shining we play outdoors.  Quick trips to the playgrounds and late afternoon with the sandbox open sustain our need for fresh air.

I've tried to create some interesting games and experiences while we've been playing inside.  We have played many many rounds of hide and seek (Milo tends to the hide in the same spot each time).  Today the boys had a lot of fun having rides in a laundry basket.  Overall though we are watching way too much television and it is starting to wear on all of us just a bit.

February is the time of lingering colds and cabin fever.  Luckily it is almost over.  Tonight at dinner we talked about what we were looking forward to in the spring: walks, parks and splash pools and Popsicles   It's really just around the corner.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Leo - 13 Months

This has been a busy month for our little one-year-old.  Leo has morphed from a baby into a sweet and lovable, albeit mischievous toddler.  He can make it all the way up the stairs and thinks it is super funny to do so.  He can purposefully only go down four or five steps at a time though.  So the math doesn't really work out on that one and we watch him carefully.

Other favorite mischievous behaviors:  pressing the menu buttons on the television while Milo is watching it, unplugging the computer and emptying drawers of clothing.   He also loves to throw things (food, sippy cups, books) just to watch them fall.

Leo also now gives high fives!  I love this.  He also has a word/sound associated with each high five: bah!  Speaking of words, Leo has a few he used regularly, but is now trying to repeat many other words.  This morning he said "buh bye dudee" to Chris as he was leaving.  It was super sweet.

Leo is a sweet little guy.  As he is playing throughout the day he will often crawl over and give us a hug.  He is also cuddly   If there is a blanket or pillow on the ground, Leo will crawl over to it and throw himself on down for a quick soft cuddle.  He kicks his feet when he is happy and exciting and this is definitely a kick-worthy occasion 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Each Day is Different

Yesterday I gazed out the back window at the falling snow.  My eyes rested on the white dusted sandbox.  It was only two days before we had been out there playing in the sand and basking in the relative warmth of a 55 degree day in late January.

Today is much different.  The snow covers the ground and a virus has hit our house.  Milo, typically in constant movement, has been sent to the couch by a fever and congestion.  I am getting over a cold and Leo has a cough.  I am hoping all the germs stay with their respective person.

Last weekend we had wonderful days full of family breakfasts, sledding, birthday parties and lots of laughter.  This weekend looks like it might shape of slightly differently.  Such is life with small children in the middle of cold and flu season.