Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two Months

Yesterday we celebrated Milo's two month birthday. Several people have told me that if I could just get through the first six weeks with a new baby, things would get much easier from that point on. For us, getting through the first three weeks or so was the really challenging part, so this second month was a lot easier than the first. We still have our moments, but overall things are going great. Some of Milo's milestones so far are:

  • Honest to goodness smiling! Chris and my Mom are almost always guaranteed to earn a smile from Milo when he sees him. Smiles to me come first thing in the morning when I get him out of his crib. We go through body parts saying good morning to each and my little guy smiles and giggles as I say good morning to Milo's's fun.

  • We've continued to work on tummy-time and Milo does much better with it and is able to hold his head up for longer periods of time. He's not quite to rolling over, but it's getting closer.

  • Milo is babbling and cooing a lot of time, especially during diaper changes. We have little conversations with him, which are all enjoyed by all.

  • With Milo being about 13 - 14 pounds, I feel much more comfortable taking him out and about as he's not so delicate. We've been for lots of walks, to the park, to our favorite Mexican restaurant and to the grocery store where Milo is always a big hit. We also made a trip to the pizza place where Milo enjoyed the noise and smells.

  • I went to a mom's group last week and noticed our little guy isn't so little when I saw the other 8 week old babies. He's also officially grown out of his newborn clothes and we are well into the stash of 3 month and even some 3 - 6 month outfits.

Next month will hold new challenges to our daily life as I return back to work and Milo heads to daycare. It's the best situation for all of us, so I am hoping things go smoothly as we make that transition. Onward and upward!

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Anonymous said...

Happy 2 months Milo!! Emily