Sunday, May 16, 2010

14 Months

We've been so busy keeping up with our 14 month old. While not walking, he is a super fast crawler and is constantly on the move. He's standing more on his own now and can even hold toys while standing. He takes unsupported steps in between objects and is much more willing to walk while holding my hands now. Many people tell me that he'll speed up even more when he learns to walk, but I think there will be a (brief) period of slowing down as he perfects his walking abilities. That will be nice.

Milo's favorite thing to do is eat and he now has the eat sign to go along with the activity. He asks for pretzels (a favorite treat) by making the eat sign. I think it is really interesting how the all done sign has evolved with him. First, we would do it when he was done with a meal and I would unstrap him and get him out of this high chair. Now he does the all done sign when he wants out of something - the stroller, a swing or off the couch. I appreciate the signs as useful vehicles of communication. Milo is still repeating words after me and has picked up a few other common words.

One of Milo's very favorite words that he uses often is dirt. Oh, how he loves dirt. He likes to play in it and when I have my back turned he also likes to eat it. We work in the garden quite often in the afternoons and he thoroughly enjoys helping me pull weeds and dig holes. On particularly muddy days he earns a bonus bath in the afternoon.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Milo is totally weaned from nursing. He did such a great job transitioning to his sippy cup, and I am very proud of him. He seems taller to me now and much less baby like. He is using eating utensils and is an active participant in family dinners. My little guy is growing right up.


Sara Call said...

Growing up to be quite the handsome young man! He is too cute for words, I could just eat hime up. Allie did not walk until 15 months. Enjoy it while you can and no need to rush it! You are a wonderful mommy Amy!


You can only hope he'll slow down...enjoy!

Andrew & Carly's Mom said...

Andrew used all done (w/ only 1 hand) for EVERYTHING. We would be at someone's house or to visit Ben at work or something and he'd start signing it. I would start to get embarassed, but no one knew the sign. Instead, they would almost always say, 'Oh, look how cute! He's waving!' It is pretty helpful!