Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Ah, I missed posting about Thanksgiving or as I've come to think of it Thanks Giving. I tend to gloss over some of the facts of the first Thanksgiving, but I really do like the idea of sitting down to a meal together in celebration and preparing for hard days to come. If you can think of some reasons in your life to be thankful then all the better. Here are some of things I jotted down on a notepad (which I had to keep tracking down as a certain toddler wanted to also journal his feelings) throughout November for which I am thankful:
  • Good, wholesome food that makes your body feel its best.
  • Unexpected sunny days spent with friends at the park.
  • Spicy Mochas from Caribou Coffee
  • The power of a rejuvenating nap to turn a day around.
  • A toddler helping to mix muffins while standing on a chair.
  • The homey smell of those muffins while they bake.
  • Grandparents who babysit and a little boy who asks for G and Pa constantly once they leave.
  • And, of course, my husband and our marriage of three years.

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