Friday, February 18, 2011

23 Months

This month has seen a(nother) language explosion with Milo now talking in little sentences. It's fun to watch him pick up new words and new constructions. In spite some boundary testing, I so love this age and this sweet little boy. He tries (and succeeds) to be funny, he is caring and kind to others and animals, he is a cuddle bug and a constant stream of motion. Seriously with the motion, it doesn't seem to stop unless he is fast asleep.

Milo had his first haircut a couple of days ago and along with his baby locks seemed to go any vestiges of the baby he was (well except the diapers and binky). I didn't think it would bother me having his haircut, but it took me a few hours to get reacquainted with him. He did a great job at the salon, watching his beloved Elmo and sucking a lolli, the hair cutting experience didn't phase him at all.

We've had a few warm days here recently and I can almost see the relief in Milo's face to be outside again. He has wasted in no time in sorting pebbles, playing in the dirt and watering plants. I do think he is wired to be a nature-loving little person.

With yoga becoming a bigger part of my life, it is starting to rub off on Milo. He has long been practicing downward facing dog along with cat and cow poses. The other day though we were watching a goodnight show on Sprout and they started to do stretching activities and he ran to the closet to get a yoga mat and join right in. I couldn't be prouder
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Sara Call said...

Sweet Milo :) I love his monthly updates!