Monday, April 4, 2011

Free Range Spring

Last week the bright pansies Milo and I planted on Monday were covered in a surprisingly large amount of snow by Wednesday.

Today there was rain and thunderstorms. In between showers we pulled on rain boots and headed out back for puddle jumping and splashing. As long as Milo holds my hand, I let him play in the alley that runs behind and beside our house. The best puddles are there.
A woman walked by with a disapproving look and muttered how brave I was. Brave for letting my son play in the rain? For letting him be a kid and jump in water to see how it splashes around his feet? I don't think that qualifies as brave, just as a fun way to pass the hours on a rainy Spring morning.


Anonymous said...

Love it!!!

We went to the Outer Banks for vacation a few years back and it stormed every day. One day I suggested that we go puddle jumping. Kevin- "how do you do that?" A simple joy in life...


Kristen said...

Love the pansy picture! So pretty to see snow and a flower together. On your other post, I'm terrible at coming up with things for Cassidy to do. I need to find ideas to really start working with her, especially since we're not doing MDO or preschool yet.