Friday, June 24, 2011


We bought a new car last night. Not just a new car, but a new type of car. We are now a mini-van driving family. It's a big change and it is taking a bit of getting used to. On the one hand, it's just a vehicle. A roomier way to get us to the park. On the other hand, mini-vans have become a symbol of the suburban family running from soccer practice to martial arts. I'm not ready to say I am a card carrying member of that group yet.

Still the new car is nice and I welcome the change. My two-year-old though isn't so sure. He thoroughly enjoyed the car shopping experience. There were toys and one dealership even had a swank built in play center! He didn't seem to quite grasp that our car wasn't going to be coming home with us though and when that became clear there were big fat tears. He wanted the green car back. I can't blame him really. The green car was the only car he has ever known. We took him home from the hospital in it. I almost yelled deal off, buckled him in his seat and took off, but I blinked back my tears and explained it's okay to be sad about the things we are used to when they are gone, but change is good too.

I understood his reaction. I often say I like change, but the truth is I like change about two months after the fact. In my head I might say change is good, change is positive, all we have is the present moment and that is constantly en flux. But in my heart, I am closer to a crying two-year-old who likes what he knows and isn't ready for a change.

We're both much better today. And we'll be totally on-board with the plan in two months. Change is all we have.

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