Monday, October 3, 2011

Busy? Yep.

As I am listening to the sounds of very silly and very happy laughter waft down from before bed stories (it's 10 p.m. - go to sleep already!), I am reflecting on how crazy our lives are, but how much fun too.

I am also designing either Halloween or Thanksgiving cards on Snapfish. I can't decide between the two holidays. On the one hand, we have much to celebrate and be thankful for and Thanksgiving seems the more momentous of holidays. On the other hand, I love Halloween and it seems the more lighthearted of the holidays. We are certainly lighthearted.

Summer has come and gone in a blur and Autumn promises to be just as busy. By the time Christmas rolls around, we'll be ready to welcome our new addition. It all seems so fast and yet there are so many sweet moments making up our days. Hugs and kisses and tickles and giggles. Sometimes I want to freeze time and other times I want to speed it up. And sometimes I just want to take a nap.

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