Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Leo - 8 Months

For several months we thought Leo was going to be the serious one.  We mistook his studying us as a sign of contemplation when, now it seems, he was just plotting and biding his time.  He has suddenly exploded into a silly baby.  One who thinks it is super funny to make loud shrieks and drop sippy cups.  One who loves to be sung Isty Bitsy Spider.  And, most of all, one who puts everything into his little mouth and then either tries to hide it or laugh about it.  Sometimes both which leads to a little coughing fit.

Leo is sitting up like a champ and spends most of his floor playtime sitting, playing with toys and reaching for objects that Milo prefers he not have.  When on his tummy he will try to crawl and can pivot well in both directions as well as move backwards, but full on crawling alludes him at this point.  He is super proud of himself when he is assisted into a standing position and then maintains it on his own.

See?  Silly.
This past month we took a long family road trip.  Leo did pretty well although he was definitely over his car seat (we moved him out his infant carrier and into a convertible seat).  We stopped often to nurse and talk with him.  For a baby as cuddly as Leo is, it wasn't pleasant for him to be on his own and not held for several hours a time.  This boy is a lover and enjoys the human connection of being held.

Leo continues to eat more and more food.  He'll eat small finger foods as well as pureed foods.  Lately he's really been reaching for our food and wanting to taste more things. He still nurses countless times per day (and night).

Actually we've had ups and downs with sleep.  Currently, as we recover from our trip and adjust back to the routine, we've been a down phase.  I have high hopes we move past that soon and back to our sleeping boy who is happy because he is well-rested.

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