Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Since I'm leaving on a jet plane on Friday for an unexpected work trip, I wasn't too surprised when Prada came up showing some type of symptom of ailing cat. Before the honeymoon she came down with a nasty case of feline acne. Not to mention the huge bald spot she over groomed onto her back.

It seems the cat knows when I'm leaving and then deems it the appropriate time to have a kitty medical emergency. This time she is having some trouble with her left paw. She is limping around and doesn't like to put weight on her paw. She looks pretty sad and pathetic holding her little paw in the air. I can't get a good look at the paw pad, but it does look like there is some type of scratch that might be infected. The whole foot looks swollen.

I feel bad because our house has been a wreck lately and I'm afraid she might have stepped on some splinter of tile, a nail or other renovation debris. Plus, I'll be gone for several days and Chris will be on vet duty. So the guilt is wracking up for me as I begin to pack.

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