Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back at Home

I survived my work trip to Miami. Do you remember how I said I could do the Seattle vibe? Well, yeah, not so much the Miami vibe. To be fair, I was staying in downtown Miami without a car. Still, not impressed and found the city to be a dirty, hard-to-get-around, unsafe feeling, concrete jungle.

An interesting part of my job is that I occasionally attend conferences for groups that I would otherwise not have contact. I've attending meetings for an investors club in Atlanta, health departments in San Antonio and Air Force officers in DC. This time around I was crashing the party of gay choruses. Not only am I straight, I also can't warble a single correct note. However, these were some of the nicest people I've met (and what a flair for style) and they made the trip worth it.

All of the groups I work with (and there really is a group for everything) often make me think that I'm not passionate enough about one single topic to join a group and travel to a meeting. I tend to think some of these people are just too into their thing, but I also admire their dedication. I don't think I'll ever attend BlogHer or a national yoga conference, but in my own way I'm just as dedicated to these hobbies of mine.

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