Sunday, August 3, 2008

P Friend

Let's all bid my good friend procrastination a nice round of welcome back. I thought I had nipped this bad habit in the bud several months back, but he's made a come back. Well actually, procrastination is almost always around as Chris and I make our way through home projects (kitchen pictures coming soon, I promise!), but I thought I had kicked it to the curb in other aspects of my life. Not so much, I've discovered.

I have a great opportunity to teach a class at a local community college this coming quarter. Teaching this class will help me on a number of levels. First, I can use that Master's degree I earned back in 2002. It will also spice up my resume and earn us some extra money. I'm also really interested to see if this is a career path I would be good at and interested in pursuing more seriously in the future. So, all positives there, but I've been struggling to stay focused on creating the syllabus and making lesson plans. There is a lot going on in the GK household, and although I'm excited to tackle this new challenge, it's just been put to the back burner in favor of some other things lately.

Today I was able to buckle down and have had made some decent headway, but class starts next month and I still have a ways to go. I know if I stay focused and complete small projects, the scary though of "OMG I'm teaching a college-level class" won't seem so daunting.

Any positive thoughts are welcome. Of course, if you would like have procrastination over for a visit, that would be great, also.


Mikalene said...

What are you going to be teaching?!

Anonymous said...

How exciting to be teaching a class! You will be great! And don't worry, you'll get everything done in plenty of time.