Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Three Months

Today I had an e-mail from a new mom asking how you get through those first weeks and wanting me to tell her it gets better. I'm not sure how you can really assure someone of this, but I did my best to tell her to hang on, that everything that is so new will become second nature and it is all worth it. In those early weeks it's hard to know that you'll come out on the other side and suddenly it is three months down the road. You're a little more rested and have a happy, babbling baby. It really does happen fast.

I can't believe our little guy (if 16 pounds can be considered little) is three months old. For the first time during this picture session, Milo was reaching for and grabbing onto his sign. He wants to make sure everything within reach is tasted just in case it might contain milk. You know just to be safe.

Like he did when he was younger, Milo still reaches over and grabs my hand during some feedings, but now it is more intentional and his palm is open. Seeing his chubby little dimpled fingers reach for me still melts my heart. As much as he enjoys nursing, he also has no problem taking a bottle which has been a good skill for him to have at daycare.

This past month we survived our first time apart. He spread his gummy little smile to daycare and I returned to work. It wasn't so bad, but I do miss my little one. We also survived our first mother / son cold. He might have handled it better than I did.

With Milo being more aware of his surroundings, he's starting to notice toys. The zebra on his bouncer has been a friend from a long time back, but lately he's added Hedgy the rainbow hedgehog and a firefly (thanks Sara for these!) to his clique.

We were on a roll for a few days at the end of May (from tummy to back), but he then decided rolling was so last year and went on a rolling strike. Tummy time is still hit or miss depending on his mood, but he's gained almost constant head control.

Next month we look forward to Milo's baptism and hopefully lots more evening walks. Each month brings so much change and development, it will be interesting to see what we have to look forward to next.

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Sara C said...

Oh Milo, you are sooo cute. 3 months old, where did the time go?!