Saturday, July 18, 2009

Don't You Dairy

I often get caught up in the diet advice of whatever I happen to be reading. Which means I will stick to the prescribed advice for just a week or so - Atkins diet, South Beach, Weight Watchers - they've all had short term stints in my life. I've never stuck with any of them long. More recently though I've been much more interested in nutrition rather than diet, maybe because for the last year another human as been depending on me and what I eat for his development. So I try to keep up with my fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean protein and dairy products. It's this last one that seems to possibly be causing a problem in before-mentioned young human. Milo has been a big spitter upper from pretty young, but lately it's gotten worse. Like two or three times after each feeding worse. So yes, pretty much constant spitting up. He also is congested and a little wheezy. His skin has patches of itchy and angry looking eczema. His doctor took a look and thinks he is reacting to the dairy I'm eating. She doesn't think he has a severe allergy, but certainly a sensitivity. So off of dairy I go.

I've meant to do it in the past, this cutting dairy out of my diet. I would like the promised more energy and renewed focus. I had even gone so far as to download the challenge information at, but the daily journal has been sitting unopened on my desktop for well over a year and a half and the blog entry I started to write about the experience still sits in draft form. Turns out without really good motivation, I'm just not willing to skip cheese on pizza or cream in coffee. Looking at Milo's itchy little eyes though is reason enough for me to at least see if the cow protein is the problem. And if it's not, I could really use that energy and renewed focus.

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Swistle said...

A leeeeetle bit off-topic, but I LOVE the name Milo. It was high on our list: we got down to Henry and Milo.