Saturday, August 1, 2009

Makes It Easier

Milo has been in daycare for about two months. While it was tough in the beginning, I've gotten used to him being there during the day. Chris does the dropping off in the morning and I've come to anticipate the morning e-mail letting me know how the little guy did. This week I read just about the cutest thing ever: Milo was happy and all of his friends flocked to see him when he arrived.

Although I miss being with Milo every day, I can appreciate that he is being socialized. I think it is great he is spending time with other babies and learning how to be part of a group. It just makes me feel better about the day care arrangement.

What makes me feel even better is that the teachers at the day care really like Milo. They seem to agree with us that he is someone special. I try to go visit once a week during lunch and I like to hear about all the things Milo does during the day - recently he has started to hold his own bottle. When I'm there I can tell he is comfortable and at ease with his caregivers. He gives special smiles to his teachers - one teacher even has a special dance she does for Milo and he explodes into laughter.

Know that Milo is well liked by the people - both big and small - who is shares his days with makes it a little easier for me to spend my days away from him.

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