Sunday, August 16, 2009

5 Months

It is so true what new moms hear starting from the moment their little bundle of joy is born. It really does go fast. We're already looking back on the early photos and remarking on how small Milo was, all skinny limbs and wide eyes, now reminding me of a bird rather than the little person he is now. At 5 months, Milo is somewhere in the 19 pound range and his limbs can no longer be described as skinny. He's a solid package of little boy sweetness, looking less and less young baby like each day.

We're now old pros at grabbing items and feel more comfortable holding something soft for nap time (a blankie, a lovey toy or even a wash cloth). When Milo wants to he can roll over from both tummy to back and back to tummy. He can also stay in an unsupported sitting position for about 30 seconds before starting to be the leaning tower of Milo and slowly falling to the floor.

Milo continues to be a smiley and alert baby. Whenever he is in a new place with new people, he looks around and takes it all in. We can almost see him thinking about his surroundings. He has a smile for just about everyone, but he continues to think Grandpa Gatto is the funniest human alive. Whether it is my Dad's big and dark looks or his deep voice, Milo just convulses into giggles each time they get together.

Together we survived Milo's first ear infection this past month. He didn't give us many clues his ears were infected, so I'm glad we took him to the pediatrician to check him out. The pediatrician continues to think he has some food allergies, so I've cut dairy, peanuts and tree nuts out of my diet. I also limit eggs and soy. Consequently, Milo spits up less, but we still have some spots of eczema. Due to the possible allergy issues, I've put off solid foods. Today will be the rice cereal day.

This month (6 months!) we'll look forward to Milo's first road trip and meeting some of Chris' extended family over Labor Day weekend.


Toni said...

He is just so precious! And congrats, Milo, on all that floor work, what a big boy!! :)

Sara said...

Love the update this month! What a sweet little guy! Can't wait to get my hands on him and give him a squeeze next weekend! (If Allie will allow it!)