Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another New Chapter

It may come as no surprise to you if you read closely between the lines of these two posts that I have put my notice in at work. My last day will be September 18. While staying home with Milo is clearly where my heart is right now, resigning from my job was still a really difficult decision for me. Chris was supportive in whatever I decided to do, so once we figured out that we could financially manage me not working, it was up to me to decide what to do. There are parts of my job I am truly going to miss. I felt lucky to land at the company I did so early in my career. Every day was different and I experienced some things that I never would have otherwise. In the past four and a half years I worked there, I learned a lot and grew as a person. As time went on I even started to define myself through my work. Saying goodbye to all that along with some great co-workers was a tough call, but I am certain it is the right thing for me and my family right now.

I am really looking forward to spending my days with my smiley little guy. Come the first of the year, I'll start looking for a part time job. Over the past few months I've realized that working outside of the home and away from my child for 40 hours a week isn't best for me, for Milo or for Chris. Staying home will create a lot less stress in all of our lives and I can't wait to begin this new chapter.

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Sara Call said...

So excited for you!