Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wanted: Christmas Spirit

Last night we attended Chris' work holiday party. It was a nice night out and a lovely party (apart from the magician). Although I enjoyed myself at the event, I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that Christmas is coming in 20 odd short days.

While I want to make this first Christmas with Milo a special and memorable one, I also realize that he isn't going to know what is going on. Chris and I bought him only one gift, along with some stocking stuffers. We'll go see the lights at the Zoo and we're still debating a trip to see Santa.

Really, I guess I want this Christmas to be a remarkable one for me. If that is going to happen, I better lighten up, accept that the holiday season is once again upon on, and try to enjoy every moment.

Maybe baking cookies will help.

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Beth P said...

From one Mom who completely burned herself out last year trying to amethe "first" Christmas memorable for all....

Definitely take your own advice and relax!!!! By Christmas night last year I was fried and in tears, for no good reason. This year, I vowed to step back, enjoy it,and remember what it's all about (awesome husband, great fam and friends, healthy kid - even though mine doesn't sleep either)!!!

And, if you decide to do Santa, let me know how it goes......Little L LOVES Santa in real life, not so much!!!!