Monday, November 30, 2009

Late Giving Thanks

I clearly remember last Thanksgiving, sitting on the couch with Chris and Prada watching the parade. My belly was round and I was being kicked by the little guy who had taken up residence inside. The morning was close to perfection, peaceful and loving and comfortable.

This Thanksgiving wasn't quite so peaceful for me since it involved a nine hour drive and a baby who was unable to sleep in a new environment. In the chaos, I also didn't take the time to think about what I was really thankful for this year. So this morning as Milo is happily napping in his crib, I'm taking that time to reclaim the peaceful feeling of a year ago.

I give thanks for my family, for both the little one we are creating here and the one from which I came. They're both special. I especially give thanks for my husband of two years who is my trusted partner in life. I give thanks for our situation that means I have these months to stay home with our little guy and help him grow.

Next year, whatever the circumstances, I will keep in mind the place and spirit of Thanksgiving.

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