Sunday, March 30, 2008

Passion at Work

The other day I met a man who was so clearly passionate about what he does, that it made me smile. Well, first I wondered if the guy was for real, then I stepped back from the judgement and thought that even if he was faking his level of excitement, I should give him some credit for being so convincing. As this man poured me a glass a wine and lovingly talked about the mission of his concept, I couldn't help but to be jealous. To have that level of commitment and devotion to a job is not something I easily relate to at this point in my life.

Then this weekend, I took the second level of my journey to become an official yoga teacher or RYT-200. As I folded, twisted and inhaled and exhaled my way through the two-day class, I thought this is where that passion for me lies.

While for right now, the cubicle-dwelling me is the one who pays the bills, I also know there is another part of me who is being strengthened by beginning on a yogic journey. I'm not sure where it will take me, but I hope one day I can pour someone a glass of wine and lovingly describe the mission of a work for which I have a passion.

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