Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The First Two Weeks

I just put up my 2012 calendar. It seems the last two weeks have been a little busy around here. I'm old-fashioned in that I like a hard copy of a calendar with pretty pictures to uncover each month.

Much has happened in these first days of 2012. I turned 34. I gave birth. Leo entered the world. Milo became a big brother. Chris moved up to number 1 in Milo's eyes. Milo and Leo held hands for the first time. I managed to get all three of us out of the house. I forgot how much time is spent nursing a newborn and then remembered how perfectly that little body settles into my arms. I have laughed, cried and smiled. I tried dancing in the kitchen. I've insisted on more hugs from my boys than I usually would. Milo got a haircut. Leo went to the park for the first time thanks to some unseasonably warm temperatures. It seems like we have always been a family of four. It seems like everything is brand new.

Some of these milestones will earn a scribble on the calendar. Most won't, but I will write those others on my heart.

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Unknown said...

Congratulations on the birth of your new son! This is a big year for you all!
I love having regular calendars as well. It's nice to be able to write things in the boxes for everyone to see what things are planned, especially my son. :)