Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year!

When I look back over this last year, it seems like a blur. Spending most of it pregnant and with a very busy two-year-old made for a really busy time. Add in the yoga training and I spent a lot of time trying to fit things in and just make it through days. This doesn't mean it was a bad year at all - in fact it was overall a really positive year, but it did seem rushed.

With these overall ideas in mind, I've come up with a few goals for 2012. Some of them will seem familiar from past years!
  • Rededicate myself to my personal yoga practice. By the end of training, I was a little burned out (plus I was 8 months pregnant) and my yoga practice has been rather non-existent as of late. Bottom line is I like myself more and feel way better when I practice regularly so I am going to get back into it. Also, my own personal practice will lead me into who I will become as a teacher.
  • Give myself more time when leaving the house. We are constantly rushing around and hurrying to get out the door - and are still often late for outings, play dates and appointments. This causes stress and much more yelling than I would like. It's going to be even harder with a baby. So on mornings when I know we need to be somewhere, I am going to streamline, stay positive and make it happen.
  • Speak more positively to the people in my life. Yell and snip less. They are worth it.
  • Blog more. I miss having the record of what is going on in our lives and I'm going to blog more so I have that account of everyday happenings and my thoughts.
  • Continue to cut down on clutter. We are all so much more peaceful when we have a clear living space.

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