Sunday, March 3, 2013

Leo - 14 Months

I recently told someone that Leo is really growing into his toddlerhood.  By this I meant he has been quite a handful recently - he has accidentally flipped himself off the side of the couch, he has stuffed graham crackers in the detergent area of the dishwasher and he is still enthralled with anything and everything he can throw.  It's busy keeping up with the little guy and he's not even walking yet.

Thankfully, Leo does have some fine points, too.  He still gives the best and most heartfelt hugs.  His belly laughs fill up the room with joy.  Even Milo has been won over by Leo's charms (although he will often yell trouble is on the double when Leo is heading his way).  The two boys like to play cars together and Leo makes a vroom vroom noise that Milo is very proud of him for.

We added a fish to our family (Swimmy the Beta) and Leo loves to watch him swim and eat his food.  Each morning he wants to wave to Swimmy and spend some time watching.  Leo is also always excited to see and pet dogs or cats on our walk.  He seems to really like animals.  Although we have offered several stuffed friends, Leo hasn't settled on one lovey (other than a stuffed snake he intermittently steals from Milo and carries around).

For the past few months, we've been going to gymnastics on Friday mornings.  Technically the class is for Milo, but Leo gets to join in too.  He loves it!  He crawls all over the big gym and up and over mats.  He gets me to help him hang onto a bar and then I tell him how strong he is.  He loves the singing and claps along during circle time.  At the end of class he is intently watches the parachute moving up and down.  This week I let him out of the baby carrier for parachute time and he was able to join the other kiddos crawling around on the brightly colored fabric.  He had a huge smile on his face the whole time and Milo watched out to make sure the other kids didn't step him.  It was fun to watch!

I can't believe how quickly Leo is growing up and also how much like a baby he seems.  It is clear Leo would like to be talking - he is constantly babbling and trying to repeat words.  He gets his needs across to us through pointing and grunting, but I know he has so much more to say.  And I can't wait to hear what is going on in that sweet (and stubborn) little head of his.

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