Saturday, January 12, 2008

Seattle Scene

One of my favorite things to do while visiting the Pacific Northwest (I can say favorite, because it is now my second time here) is to make a picnic of local foods and try eating it by the water. Eating these regional treats overlooking a scenic bay seems like a good idea in theory, but it usually turns out to be too windy and cold (at least both times I have had that idea.) Inevitably, the picnic then gets relocated to a hotel room. Today’s picnic consists of a mini French loaf from Three Girls bakery, locally made organic Gouda, apples purchased from Pike Place Market and a molasses cookie from the same bakery as the bread. And let’s not forget the tall non-fat latte from the original Starbucks to wash the whole thing down with.

While picking up the picnic makings this morning, I was mistaken as a local by a tourist from Chicago who wanted directions to the first Starbucks. I was able to give him directions, but had to admit I wasn’t actually local. However, I was feeling as though I was rocking the Seattle vibe, so I can see where his confusion came from. I had on my brand new Prana hoodie purchased from the flagship REI store and my special rain shoes (picture to be uploaded later) picked up at home for this trip. The Seattle style seems to be a fun mix of trendy, outdoorsy pieces thrown together to look effortless and new. In typical hipster styling, layering is key here as the weather seems to change suddenly between rain, clouds, sun and wind. The Green scene is also very much apparent here. The taxis are mostly Priuses and the coffee cups are all made of recyclable materials.

Yep, with reusable grocery bags in tow, a mountain bike to ride, my iPod to drown out the traffic, the trusty laptop to blog about it all and the coffee drink of choice, I could totally do the Seattle thing.

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