Thursday, October 9, 2008

Green Baby

You want to know a secret? And it is a secret because we are not sharing baby names until the little guy or girl gets here. So here's the secret: for about a day, I really wanted to name our baby boy (if it is a boy) Kermit. I think it is adorable and quirky and strong. I looked up the meaning (without envy) and loved that it was of Celtic origin, but at the end of the day I just couldn't name the baby after a frog. Even if I really love that frog. The kid would go through his whole life hearing it's not easy being green.

And speaking of green, we are firmly on the green team for this baby. For those of you who don't frequent mom chat boards, that means we are not finding out the gender of the baby through ultrasound before he is born. To avoid calling the baby "it" we switch frequently between he and she. We also call her by the term "the olive" (I wouldn't recommend doing this, because you will never look at a relish tray the same way again).

To carry this whole green thing even further, we are also trying hard to have this baby be carbon neutral. Well, actually, we just want to surround him with the most natural products possible and make sure the baby's existence doesn't have a negative impact on the Earth. So we're planning as green of a nursery as we can get, I'm planning on cloth diapering at home and using disposables while out and about, and I'm all about hand me downs.

So, if the olive does turn out to be a boy, he won't be named Kermit, but he will grow up knowing it is easy to be green.

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