Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Hour for the Pregnant Girl

Upon entering the working world years ago, I came to treasure the magical time known as happy hour. Gathering with friends or co-workers at the end of a long working day quickly became my favorite way to spend the 5 - 7 p.m. time frame. We would catch-up, commiserate and gossip over pints of beer, glasses of a wine or fruity cosmos. A particularly tough week would call for an extra dirty gin martini and some extra half price appetizers.

Clearly, since the Olive has been on board, my happy hour time has decreased dramatically. Sure, when I need to make an appearance at a corporate event, I'll go and sip water and trade stories, but the happy hours with my friends have pretty much totally ceased. While I might miss the taste of a particular drink, it's not the alcohol itself I actually miss, but the time spent catching up and celebrating the end of another work week.

Luckily I have good friends and we have found a work around. Later this month, a couple of us will meet up for candle making and gossip (and they will have wine). Last night I met up with a friend for massages at a spa. We were able to catch up in our robes while sipping tea and then we both got all the kinks worked out. While I didn't leave with a buzz, I did leave very relaxed.

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Anonymous said...

My favorite happy hour mocktail while pregnant is cranberry juice w/ sprite and a squeeze of lime. Cheers!