Monday, October 6, 2008


So last week was the first session of the course I am teaching this fall. I had prepared discussion topics, found a blog entry for me to read and the students to remark on and had copies of the syllabus and session-long assignment. In addition to introductions and going over the roster, I thought we would spend about two hours in class. Except I forgot that I talk really fast and the students weren't as engaged in the discussion as I had hoped. I ended class after one hour.

Tomorrow, though, I'm ready to delve into the meat of the class. I have Power Points on the first three chapters and a little in class writing assignment planned, plus some discussion of the homework from last week. The class is scheduled for three hours each week, so I am determined to be there for at least the first two and half hours. Even if I have slow down my speech pattern and take two long bathroom breaks, we'll be there for more than two hours.

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