Sunday, January 10, 2010

One in, One out

After finalizing my 2010 resolutions, I remembered something I really need to work on. I like stuff. I like stuff a lot. I like cute kitchen gadgets, I have a particular fondness for ribbon and I can't seem to say no to a variety of food stuffs. This would all be fine, but our small little house is only so big and with the edition of a new body (who seems to acquire stuff at an alarming pace), our house is seeming a little more cluttered than I would like. So this year I am implementing a new rule: if something is brought into the home, something has to leave. This new policy will be applied to a variety of things, but particularly to tea, wrapping paper and it's adornments, toys, dental floss (why did I just find 8 packets of it), lotions, candles, clothing items and various decorations. Not only should this new policy cut down on clutter, but I am hoping it will curb some shopping as well.

In the spirit of this new one in, one out, I am also getting rid of one of the prior resolutions. I will, can and should exercise more, but the truth is I don't like running. There are other forms of exercise I enjoy more and I will be concentrating on those. It is nice to have the sense of accomplishment working toward a goal and then completing a 5k, but I'm not going to make it my focus.

There I have, one it, one out and I feel so much lighter already.

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