Saturday, March 3, 2012

Leo - Two Months

Our sweet little Leo is growing right up! This past month has flown in a flurry of unseasonably warm days. We have gone to playgrounds and played in the backyard. Leo is typically in the Moby Wrap or in the ring sling. I am trying to keep him out of the baby carrier as much as possible because one side of his head is getting rather flat. Our pediatrician is doing osteo treatments on it and we're already seeing some improvement.

In other Leo news, he has started sleeping through most nights! Such a gift for this tired Mama. He typically wakes somewhere between 5 and 6 a.m. to nurse and then goes back to sleep for another hour or so. Throughout the day, he is mostly still sleeping, but does have some awake periods where he smiles, coos and looks around. We say he has a froggy smile. He often says something that sounds like AGA and we all like to repeat it back to him. He's not really grasping for objects yet, but he does enjoy looking at toys with a lot of contrast. Most mornings, he and Milo take turns activating the lights and music on his bouncer. I love watching them play this game together.
Leo still seems itty bitty to me, but at his last appointment he weighed around 12.5 pounds. He is mostly in size 3 months clothes. It has been fun dressing him in my favorite outfits that Milo once wore.

We're still in survival mode as we get used to life with two kiddos, but Leo has been a joy. He's a super easy baby to love and be around. Unless he is very tired or very hungry, we don't usually hear him make too much of a fuss. He likes to look around and take in everything. And in the moments I steal with just him, I like to take him in and revel in his sweet babyness.

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Rebecca said...

What is your secret for getting him to sleep through the night? Our 2 month-old has only done that once. At least I know it's possible! The pictures are adorable!