Saturday, March 24, 2012


Somehow in the last few years we have gone from this: To this:

It's been quite a ride for all of us. Our three-year-old version of Milo gives the best hugs. He is fast fast runner (often in the opposite direction of where I would like him to be). Milo is beginning to realize there is a big world beyond his house and his people - this can be a little scary. His little voice is so sweet as he sings the alphabet and Bob the Builder theme song. It really shines, though, when he says I really really love you Mommy. He's not a fan of haircuts, so his shaggy little head of hair is starting to curl and stick out in all directions. Currently he loves all things Thomas the Tank Engine. He's learned to use a mouse and loves to play games on the computer. Each night before Chris tucks Milo into bed and reads him stories we talk about the favorite thing from our day and what we are thankful for. Sometimes it is going to the park, or a trip with Mommy to the grocery store, or a new book from the library. And even on tough days where the negotiating and whining have been too much, I sniff his head and think of how fast it is going. Three!

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