Monday, May 7, 2012

Leo - 4 Months

This 15 pound, 25 inch little man is a joy to be around.  Unless he is super tired and then he's just cranky until bedtime.  For the most part though, he is a symphony of giggles and baby gurgles.  His smile is bright and big.  Leo has also started sucking on his thumb or sometimes his pinky.  He will take a binky just as he is falling asleep, but tends to spit it out the rest of the time.

Leo rocks tummy time and it is clear he would really like to move forward.  For the time being though, he just scoots backwards and turns (both from the tummy position and from his back).  Lately, he has preferred being on the floor rather than his bouncer.  He still likes to be worn and has graduated to the soft carrier (Boba) rather than the Moby Wrap.

While certainly a mommy's boy (he tried and refused a bottle once this month), he also loves to hang out with Daddy and watch Milo.   He makes the perfect addition to our family.

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