Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Up in the Air

For his birthday, Milo was gifted a beautiful and easy to fly kite. He had it up in the air for about 15 minutes of unadulterated joy and pride. And then he flew straight into a tree. Chris tried to get it down, but it was very high up and quite stuck. We had to leave the kite there and take home the crying boy who insisted the birds could help us get it down.


Milo's favorite game to play these days is Mama bird / Baby bird. We play for at least an hour each day. Truthfully this game - where we pile all the blankets and pillows of our bed into a nest and fly around getting worms for one another - is mind numbingly dull. Still, I can tell he is working through a lot of things while we play this game. He gets the chance to be the adored baby again. We practice leaving one another and coming back. Until these topics - which are so trying to him right now - don't feel so up in the air, we will play Mama bird / Baby bird.


I've been singing Three Little Birds to Milo since before he was born. On good days, but more usually on bad days, we sing the birdie song and lift our voices up in the air. After all that singing, he now sings it back to me. In the car the other day, I heard his sweet little voice singing about greeting the morning sun and promising me every little thing was going to be all right. Leo babbled right along and even tapped his musical bugs as accompaniment.


There is a waxy leafed flowering shrub in our backyard. The slight drooping of the branches makes the perfect little hideout for a three-year-old. One day when Milo shook a branch we suddenly saw dozens of moths and butterflies fly up in the air. Just because we don't see something at first glance doesn't mean it isn't there.

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