Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lighting Up

This having boys thing can be weird.  Milo, after a few months of struggle, is now proficient at using the potty.  He can totally do it, but in this warmer weather, he has found peeing in the backyard to be just about the best thing ever.  Ugh.

Today it was time to buy new shoes for Milo.  His blue Crocs from last year are maybe getting a smidgen tight and have definitely seen better days.  At the shoe store, where he refused to have his feet measured, we picked out a pair of light up, white, Star Wars tennis shoes.  By adult standards they are hideous.  By a three-year-old boy standards they are the best things ever.  The shoes not only light up, but make him taller and runner faster too.  He wanted to sleep with them tonight.

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