Monday, June 4, 2012

Leo - 5 Months

Although we think Leo is more serious in nature, he still has the most amazing baby giggles.  Differences in height / space are sure to get the most laughs from him.  For some reason he finds it super funny to watch someone walk down the stairs.  If Milo is the one walking down, bonus laughs erupt.  Leo also likes playing airplane games on my knees and enjoys giving me an arm workout while I sing and lift him over my head during the Noble Duke of York song.

Speaking of workout, Leo is officially a worn baby.  While he will mostly be content in the carseat carrier on walks, he much prefers to be worn in the Boba and close to either me or Chris.  This is way easier than holding him, but it is still a workout carting around 16 extra pounds.

Leo likes tummy time while we play with him.  He only very rarely will roll from tummy to back and we have only seen him roll from back to tummy once.  However, he can cover some distance schooching along the floor on his back (he arches his back and presses his feet into the floor).  We sometimes find him stuck in a corner of his crib from all his moving around.  Favorite toys are a Very Hungry Caterpillar, floppy bunny and Captain Calamari.

Our little(ist) buddy slept through the night from about 8 weeks through 18 weeks and now mostly wakes to eat once per night.  Those were a nice 10 weeks of uninterrupted sleep, but it does seem he likes the nighttime nursing because he has started getting very distracted eating throughout the day.  

Leo has shy little smiles for people as we go about our day.   He is less gregarious than his brother was as a baby.  For this reason, I feel so lucky that I get the majority of his smiles, laughs and coos.  He's not giving out the baby cuteness for free, but when it comes it is so so sweet.

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