Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer "Bucket" List

In the spirit of the first day of summer, I am sharing our summer bucket list.  Some of the items are a little vague, but we had a good time coming up with the list and creating the actual document.  Our version is modeled after this one (and actually it seems I took a few of her list items, too!), but instead of a canvas ours is a piece of cardboard that came packaged with a new mattress protector.  And I'm not a designer, so our isn't quite as cute.  But the point is we have a list of fun things to do to check off!

Summer Fun List
Be Silly
Find a new park
Visit Zoombezi Bay
Pack a picnic
Blow bubbles
Make a new friend
Pick berries
Play happy things
Ride a train
Splash in fountains

(Items in italics are Milo's suggestions)
(We've already checked off two items)

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Emily said...

Love, love, love ;)