Friday, June 15, 2012


Over Popsicles in the backyard one evening before bed a few weeks ago, Milo and I had the most amazing conversation.  The amazing part wasn't so much the content, but the give and take of actual ideas and facts.  We were talking about water - where it comes from, how it gets places, what we do with it.  After each tidbit of information I would add to the conversation, he would solemnly nod and say "that's right" and then contribute more information.  Water: it brings us together and causes us to reflect.

All the Water in the World
Reflecting back on our talk, I realized most of our facts came from this book which we had checked out of the library last year and read many times.  It must have made an impression. 
Barefoot child in the rain
With summer in full swing, we have already had many chances to explore the properties of water.  The water we use to give the garden a drink comes from either the house, the rain barrel or our backyard pump.  We play in several different fountains around town where the water shoots in inviting arcs.  Sometimes we even play barefoot in the front yard as water drops fall of out the sky.  Water: so fun, so basic and so precious.

Today Milo had a rough day.  In the span of 15 minutes at the park he fell and hit his head on the sidewalk and then a buddy bit him hard on his cheek.  It was difficult for me to see my sweet little guy so sad and hurt.  So this afternoon, the four of us visited a neighborhood ravine and splashed in the water together.  The now exuberant three-year-old was happily shouting "I'm hunting for minnows" as we explored the area.  And at the end of our night, his little hand found mine and he whispered "Mommy I like having water adventures with you" and my heart melted into a puddle of love right there on the banks of the ravine. Water: so healing.

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