Saturday, March 22, 2008


Today we found out some bad news about the health of one of my very cool aunts. Because doing a search on stage IV ovarian cancer was doing nothing to lift my spirits or ease my mind, I decided to just do something else.

Several years ago I went through a beading phase. Well, actually, more of a buying beads phase as only three bracelets were ever made from those few months. Today I pulled out my stash of beads along with some funky felted beads two of my cousins gave me for a wedding shower. I have been meaning to do something with these colorful and textured nuggets since August, but today the time seemed right to put that thought into action.

So I spent the afternoon matching colors, swearing at knots and wondering why my bracelets always turn out a little big or a little too small. I lit my healing candle and sent good energy to my aunt. Because while making bracelets won't help the situation, it can't hurt either. And creating something is better than feeling sad and helpless.

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phillytwin2002 said...

Hi Dragon Scale bracelet felt maker, this is Tara, your loving cousin. Thanks for the healing prayers for my momma, your Aunt Judy.
She enjoyed her birthday with your momma, her sis Kathy and other great family members.
I have good bracelet news to tell you. All you need to do is switch to Elastic Bead Stringing Cord and all your problems will be solved! So restring your bracelets and you'll never have any more problems. Stick a little bead of super glue on your double knot to help it hold well.
Have a great day!