Thursday, March 20, 2008

Trying to Spring to It

Despite the traces of snow on the cars and ground this morning, today is the first day of Spring. I can't frickin wait to greet the season again. Sun. Gardening. Fresh veggies. Long walks marveling at the daily changes in my neighborhood. Daffodils. Tulips. That amazing iris in our backyard which was such a nice surprise last Spring. Seems to me it should be in full bloom around Mother's Day. Which from this vantage point is a long way off.

The transition from winter to spring is a tough one. It's an awakening, but a gradual one. Just as I can't seem to jolt out of bed in the mornings, Spring can't seem to come all at once. Like my hitting the snooze button four times, Spring takes some false starts, some rainy, and even snowy days, before it really arrives.

Today in my yoga class, we'll be focusing on easing this transition from lethargic winter to energetic spring. We'll hold poses longer and focus on postures which help to alleviate the build up of mucus in our bodies. I'll talk about spring diets and the wonder of the neti pot. For those following along at home, check out this article.

Happy Spring to all, but remember to cut yourself some slack if you are feeling tired, down or stuffy. Like our homes, some of us need a good cleaning before we can really embrace the season.

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