Saturday, March 15, 2008

Crystal Cabinet

Not every family has a crystal cabinet, but we are now the proud owners of our very own version of a place to store china. Except that our china is the attic. When we began registering for wedding gifts, we seemed to focus on drinking utensils. Great for parties, but not so great for storage.
Truth be told, I could just never see us as china cabinet people. I resisted the idea because to me most china cabinets looked like they were a step away from having plastic covering on the furniture. It was a hunch that a traditional hutch just wasn't for us. So we walked up to our favorite home design store, which is conveniently just a few blocks away and in close vicinity to several coffee shops. We've had our eye on one of their signature pieces for several weeks. It's a funky mix of a vintage window and reclaimed barn siding. I absolutely love the way the modern crystal looks in the weathered piece. It's a juxtaposition that works for this modern couple in our 1920's house.


Anonymous said...

I love it!

katie said...

Love all the glassware in your black window pane cabinet! It's fun to see how our customers decorate and use our pieces...looks great....katie@sobo