Thursday, May 1, 2008


For as much as I cried my way through 10th grade geometry, I've always loved shapes. Of all the shapes, the circle is my favorite. I like the perfection of them. The roundness and the gentle curves of an even 360 degrees. Circles often appear in our daily lives and I find comfort that, like a wedding band, there is no end and no beginning. Circles just are. There are many common idioms about circles: circle back, full circle, circular reasoning. Most of all I like circle the wagons. The phrase originates from the prairie days when wagon trains heading west would stop for the night. In a long, grueling crossing, often not knowing what the next day would bring, these overnights were probably a welcome break and a chance to relax, plan and enjoy the other traveler's company. The wagons would be arranged in a circle with livestock, women and children in the center. The wagons then formed a protective barrier around the core.

Consequently, I've taken this saying to mean to protect what is important while taking the time to figure out what comes next on the journey. This site has a different take on it, which I don't find half as endearing. And there goes the simile I had in mind for this post, huh, will just go take a walk now.

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