Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dealing With It

From reading many women's magazines over the years, I understand there are those of you out there who, when confronted with hormonal surges or one of life's curve balls, respond in healthy and positive ways. Evidently people exist who go for a run, call a friend, meditate or journal until you feel better. Let me say for the record, I am not one of you. I prefer to cry, take long naps, and eat breakfast foods all day. Preferably in that order. I can sometimes be cajoled into shopping or watching chick flicks, but I really would rather be doing the aforementioned activities. Let's just consider this a fair warning, shall we? And now, I believe I need to scramble more eggs and crawl under a blanket.

***In spite of wanting to do this, I got my butt out of bed before 7:30 this morning to go participate in the Race for the Cure. I can now see why those pesky and perky magazines suggest exercise as a great way of alleviating the blues. During the race (which I walked most of, running only very little), I felt great. There is also something uplifting about seeing 40,000 people joining together for a cause. There were bands along the route to pump up the runners and walkers and it was a beautiful morning to be out and get caught up in the spirit.

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