Tuesday, May 20, 2008


A co-worker stopped by my desk today to ask a question about a good teacher gift for a friend of a friend. After some snide comments, I got down to suggesting some cool ideas of things to do in Columbus which can be gifted - cooking classes, bottling your own wine, a night in an recently renovated historic hotel. I hope whoever gets this gift enjoys it - I know I would. The co-worker then asked about the weather and the chance of his afternoon plans being dampened. I suggested he pull up the weather.com hour by hour predictor and take an umbrella just to be sure. He said thanks and since I always have all the answers (um, right), maybe I should put out a sign ala Lucy - the Dr. is in.

Lucy has long been my favorite Peanuts character. My co-worker isn't the first person to suggest I'm a little like Lucy. Maybe it's my love for the color blue and my dark hair, or maybe it's my way of solving problems, but I must admit there are some similarities. Just to be clear, and I don't know what you've heard, but I've never pulled a football out from under any neighborhood boys learning to kick. I'm more the kinder gentler version of Lucy. The pluckiness of Lucy, but with some of the little red haired girl thrown in for good measure. While some would call my Lucy tendencies bossy, I prefer to think of them as helpful. Okay, I can sometimes be bossy, but I'm working on that. But, like Lucy, I do think I have some pretty good ideas on solving life's little issues. So, consider me in. If you have ever have any questions I can help answer, just let me know. I won't even charge the 5 cents.

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