Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Key

In picking out the color for my inaugural pedicure of the season last night, I couldn't find my usual favorite shade of red - I'm Not Really a Waitress. Instead I chose a slightly orangier red named the Keys to my Karma. Clearly, part of the fun of trips to the nail salon for me is reading through the OPI bottles.

Today as I was contemplating how cute my cheery red toes looked poking out of my open-toed white flats, I had a moment to further reflect on the Keys to my Karma name. Sure, what goes around comes around, I get that. What I send out into the universe gets reflected back to me, got it. But, is there a sliding scale here? I don't think I am a bad person - I don't lie, steal, cheat or kill. I don't even illegally copy DVDs. I do, however, gossip and eat meat. I also occasionally hurry into my house when I don't feel like chatting with the neighbors. Are these offenses bad enough to result in a negative karmic reaction?

The last time I went to the nail salon, all I had to worry about was how clean the utensils were, not major philosophical questions. Things were much simpler when I wasn't really a waitress.

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