Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Suddenly So Real

Last Friday marked 30 weeks of pregnancy for me. Which, if you are keeping track at home, means there are only 10 weeks left in this journey. Now I know full well as a first-time mom, I could go late (let's everyone send me deliver on or before my due date vibes, m'kay). Still, there are less than 10 weeks before we meet our little Olive and while March 20 seems so far away, it also seems so close.

Almost each morning, either Chris or I will remark that the belly has grown overnight. Suddenly, the belly isn't going to be ignored any longer. It can't be hidden under a cardigan or with a scarf and when I walk into a room, the belly precedes me. The growing belly reminds me of our growing family.

The movements from Olive are also getting a lot bigger as the baby gets bigger and stronger. There are times when we can see the belly move as the Olive is having it's own little party. By the end of each work day, the poor little Olive has bunched up on the right side of my womb, making my belly look very lopsided. The Doctor says there is more room over there, but I am liking that our little Olive already has very real personality quirks.

Today I got an e-mail from the HR department asking about my maternity leave plan. I have to figure out how much vacation, sick and short term disability I want to take to equal out to my 12 weeks off work. Making plans for my being away work makes it clear this is actually happening.

I had said I wanted to have the nursery set up early so Prada would get used to the idea, but in reality I think I am the one who needed to get used to having a whole room in our house and a space in our lives for a baby. As I waddle to the bathroom each night and glance in at the lovingly put together crib, it all becomes so very real.

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