Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby is the New Black

At the risk of sounding like a too-trendy suburban mom, I have to admit that babywearing is a lifesaver. Milo has gotten a little fussy in the past couple of days and isn't content to spend snoozing hours in the bouncer. I'm not content to hold him for hours at at a time and not do anything else. The solution that works for both of us is babywearing. He feels all snug and secure and I have hands free to do whatever I need to do. Last night I wore him while eating dinner, right now I am wearing him as I type this, and yesterday Chris wore him while vacuuming the house.

We have both a ring sling and a Moby wrap. I wear the ring sling because ours is an adorable chocolate brown with hot pink and white polka dots. Chris rocks out the cream colored organic Moby wrap. Milo doesn't seem to care which one he is in as long as he close to one of us. His little sleepy noises in the sling are just too cute and I like having him close as I go through my day.

So if babywearing puts me in the trendy mom category, I'll take that criticism as long as my baby is happy and quiet.


Kate said...

I plan to wear this baby too. I didn't do it with the boys, but really wish I had with Wyatt especially. I would LOVE to get her used to it right from the start. It would be much easier to keep up with the older two wearing a sling. Still have to get my sling though...better get on that! I'm planning on doing the pouch type, but have borrowed a ring sling from someone to try too. Glad to hear that things seem to be going well with you three! Hope to meet Milo sometime soon...maybe it will end up being after our little one arrives too!

Sara said...

Let's see some pictures of Milo in his slings soon :) Glad it's working out well for you! It's always nice to have your hands free!